Monday, February 9, 2009

Calico: It's a Family Affair

Sir William Cunliffe Brooks (1819-1900)

Simply because I am tired of seeing accounts which suggest that Samuel Brooks (1793-1864), founder of Cunliffe, Brooks, & Co., had only one child, William Cunliffe Brooks (1819-1900), I present:

“Mr. Brooks had seen fit to dispose of the principal portion of his real and personal estate prior to the making of his will. Consequently, what he "left" was with the public only a matter of conjecture. It was thought to be nearly two and a half millions sterling. His eldest son, Mr. William Cunliffe Brooks, received the bank, and in money value it was said about a million. Mr. Thomas Brooks received £400,000. The family of the late Rev. John Brooks, £400,000. Each of the five daughters received £100,000. For the building and endowment of a church upon the Brooklands estate there was bequeathed £10,000, and after this there were numerous minor legacies.” –Manchester Banks and Bankers, Leo Hartley Grindon

Sarah Brooks (1820-1895)
Anne Brooks (1821-1876)
Alice Brooks (1822-1872)
John Brooks (1825-1856)
Thomas Brooks (1826-aft. 1881)
Mary Brooks (abt. 1828-1872)
Ellen Brooks (1832-1878)

While I don't know the dates of death for Thomas, he survived his father, as is evident in legal documents. See especially Brooks v Sidebottom (1866).

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