Friday, August 6, 2010

Sutherland Family Reunion, Circa 1900

Special thanks to Dustin DuFort Petty for sending this photo, and for permission to post it. This is a reunion, circa 1900, of the descendants of George Sutherland (son of Thomas) and his three wives. Dustin also has provided the names of all in the photo, but wonders if anyone can identify the painting in the background: is it George? It would make a certain amount of sense given the context. But I've never seen another image of him to compare.

Back row: Warren Russell and Laura Sutherland Russell (George’s daughter and her husband); Minnie Bassett (George’s granddaughter, by Euphemia); Josiah Good (George’s grandson by Mary) with his wife Mary; George and Augusta Sutherland (son and daughter-in-law of George).

Front row: Rev. Roland Cross (son of our George’s third wife from her first marriage); Janet Sutherland Black (George’s eldest daughter); Mary McLean Cross Sutherland (George's third wife); Tom and Susanna (Parkinson) Sutherland (George’s eldest son); and in the very front is a son of the Goods.

Thanks to Adrienne for correcting Susanna's name.


  1. I'm a great-great-grandson of Janet Sutherland Black. I really appreciate the research you have shared on this fascinating blog.

  2. I have been looking for links to Whittet, Cross, McLean, "Blackie" Scot, Drummond, but until now not Sutherland.

    My ancestors were married on board ship as they embarked for the New World
    where they arrived about 1830 making their way to Detroit and later
    Sarnia in Lambton County, Ontario where they were among the founders.

    "From there the Whittets spread out to NY, MN, OK, KN, TC, CA, FL, MA, RI...
    you can get a good idea where by searching for whittet on Google maps.

    "Margaret Cross Whittet, born c.1810, wife of William Whittet b. c.1804,
    whose sister, Jane, died at birth. They were the parents of Rowland Cross Whittet, my g grandfather.

    "Margaret was the daughter of Henry Cross who was the forester of Kinfauns.

    "Henry Cross married a second wife Ishbel Drummond of Methven in 1807
    and died of Typhus in 1824. His surviving children were Henry, Jessica,
    Margaret, William, Charles, Rowland and George with Jane dying at birth
    and Belle and Rebecca Dying of the Typhus epidemic that killed their father.

    "Rowland Cross, who was a jointer, married Mary McLean,
    the daughter of John McLean who was living in St Clair.

    "Margaret Cross married William Whittet who was the foreman of the
    farm laborers of the Kinfauns estate. They were married on board the boat
    that took them to Detroit in 1834. From there they moved to a 100 acre lot
    in St Clair about a mile from John McLean where they were visited by
    Rowland Cross who ended up marrying Mary McLean.

    Moore Township WHITTET
    William Scot FC 56 Farmer b 1805
    Margaret Scot FC 51 b 1810
    Henry Ont FC 26 Labourer b 1835
    William Ont FC 24 Labourer b 1837
    Isabella Ont FC 22 b 1839
    Jane Ann Ont FC 20 b 1841
    Rowland Ont FC 19 Labourer b 1842
    Margaret Ont FC 17 b 1843
    Jessie Ont FC 15 b 1845
    Elizabeth Ont FC 13 b 1847
    Charles Ont FC 11 b 1849
    Linus Ont FC 8 b 1851
    McNIECE, John Albert, married 17 Apr 1872, to Jessie Cross Whittet."

    Rowland Stephen Whittet

  3. I was going through the attic and found a cardboard box containing a number of photos and newsletters from Margaret Cross which traced her family tree starting with Mary McLean Cross Sutherland b 1825 in Glasgow Scotland, married 1843 to Rowland Cross Sr. b 1812 Perth, Scotland, d 1843 and 1844 respectively.

    There are a lot of pictures of Sutherland, Weeks, Edward, Cross, Streeter, Russell, Burnquist, Markstrom, Johnson, Raither, Butler, Brown, Doughrety,Nelson, Carpenter

  4. Maude Amy McNiece (daughter of Albert McNiece and Jessie Whittet) was born 05 Feb 1875 in Ontario, and died 13 Mar 1949 in Penticton, BC. She married John William Sutherland.

    Children of Maude Amy McNiece and John William Sutherland are:

    1. +Albert Alexander Sutherland, b. 08 Mar 1901, Wapella, SK, d. 29 Sep 1977, Oliver, BC.
    2. John Gordon Sutherland, b. 05 Jan 1900, d. date unknown, unknown.
    3. Alice Helen Sutherland, d. date unknown.
    4. Marjorie May Sutherland, d. date unknown.
    5. Beatrice Irene Sutherland, d. date unknown.
    6. William Fraser Sutherland, d. date unknown.
    7. Amy Sutherland.

  5. Steve, can you email me directly? If you search Jennifer Harris here ( you'll get my email.

    1. I found some continuation 8. Albert Alexander Sutherland 1901-1977 with children Fraser Albert Sutherland b 1942 m Geniene Ellen Pare' ; David George Sutherland b1943 m Sielinde Khumpp; John A Sutherland b 1945 m Beverly McDowell with children Teressa Christine Sutherland b 1971, m Barry Johnson with children Scott Alexander Johnson b 1999
      and more with Geniene Ellen Pare' Fraser Alexander Sutherland 1968 m Kerry Lynn Renshaw with children Tannis Geniene Sutherland 1970, m Scott Siemans, and Jason Scott Sutherland b 1973. Theres more but I think thats all the Sutherlands there

  6. Hi Jennifer

    Not to nitpick (and I know you got information from someone else) but it is Susanna (Parkinson), not Susan, who is Tom's wife in front row. Their daughter was Bell Winning Pendergast, the writer of the Sutherland History. PS Thanks to you, I did find the write-up Bell did on the Parkinson Family. Thank you for that.